For the Safeholdian figure of legend, see Nynian Rychtair (fictional character)

Nynian Rychtair (born September, YOG 845, see, known publicly as Ahnzhelyk Phonda, was a native of the Temple Lands and the owner of Madame Ahnzhlyk's, one of Zion's most discreet brothels.

She was born the illegitimate daughter of a Vicar of the Church of God Awaiting, who hid her with her aunt and uncle in order to avoid embarrassment. After her father Zhoel had become Grand Vicar, she had to go completely into hiding and changed her name to Ahnzhelyk Phonda. She developed a deep resentment of the Temple.

In YOG 862, she was put in the convent of Saint Ahnzhelyk where Sister Klairah recruited her for the Sistership of Saint Kohdy (HFQ).

Eventually, she became a member of the Circle, a secret Reformist movement led by Vicar Samyl Wylsynn. (OAR, BHD)

In the Year of God 894, the Circle was betrayed to Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn by one of its own members, and eventually purged. The Grand Inquisitor had almost a tenth of the vicarate executed along with dozens of bishops and archbishops as well as their families and staff. However, Nynian had created a secret network independent from the rest of the Circle, and, with a little help from the seijin Ahbraim Zhevons, was able to flee towards the Empire of Charis with the families of several Circle members, including the Wylsynn family. (AMF)

She then settled in the Charisian Quarter in Siddar City under the name Aivah Pahrsahn, and continued to work for the underground, coordinating with the Archbishop of Glacierheart. She had established substantial holdings in the Republic decades before, which she could now use to her advantage, quickly becoming part of Siddarmarkian high society.

When the Temple launched a full scale attack, carefully timed with multiple Temple Loyalist uprisings, on Siddarmark in order to overthrow the Lord Protector, it was "Aivah" who saved the day: she had in secret created an army of well armed infantrymen under her personal command who came to the Republic's defense, allowing the Lord Protector and his cabinet to remain in power and make a stand against the Church. (HFAF)

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