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The Kingdom of Charis was a realm located on Charis Island, one of the smaller landmasses on the world of Safehold.

Government Edit

A parliamentary monarchy, the Kingdom of Charis had two branches of government:

The monarch exercised executive authority and could (within reason) rule by decree, while Parliament functioned as a check on arbitrary tyranny, both collectively and through the exercise by each chamber of exclusive prerogatives. (OAR)

Following the creation of the Empire of Charis, the Kingdom of Charis continued to exist within the larger framework (as did the Kingdom of Chisholm). However, upon the deaths of Emperor Cayleb and Empress Sharleyan, it was intended for their original possessions to be dissolved and fully submerged within the Empire. (BSRA)

Monarchs Edit

See Monarch of Charis for a list of known Charisian monarch.

History Edit

Charis[1] was one of Safehold's more substantial kingdoms, having grown out of one of the original colonial enclaves from Operation Ark. The original site for the city of Tellesberg had been chosen by Pei Shan-wei herself.

It had grown slowly but steadily, and it had begun establishing colonies of its own in the 4th Century of God. Those colonies established their independence as feudal territories in their own right, but Tellesberg always remained the largest and most powerful of the Charisian states.

In the second half of the 7th Century, the House of Ahrmahk rose to power in Tellesberg under King Haarahld III. In the next two centuries, the Ahrmahk dynasty gradually extended its control over all of Charis Island. (OAR)

Upon the marriage of Cayleb II of Charis and Queen Sharleyan of Chisholm, the kingdom was combined with Chisholm into the Empire of Charis, a large, co-ruled realm. (BSRA)

Military Edit

The main military branches of the Kingdom of Charis were the Royal Charisian Navy and the Royal Charisian Marine Corps. (OAR)

References Edit

  1. In Greek mythology, a Charis (Χάρις) was one of the Graces, goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility.