Kayleb Sarmac was one of the original colonists who settled on Safehold after their memories had been manipulated.

Like his wife, his sister and his brother-in-law, he was one of the 212 reeducated Adams and Eves which Pei Shan-wei put in place in enclaves all over Safehold. Thanks to Dr. Pei, they all were listed as living in the Alexandria Enclave in the official Operation Ark personnel roster, while they actually lived in the Tellesberg Enclave.

In Tellesberg, they survived the purging of the "techies" and Kayleb and his wife lived their lives as Charisians.[1]

References Edit

  1. Since "Sarmac" sounds a lot like "Ahrmahk" with an S at the beginning, and since "Cayleb" and "Zhenyfyr" were common names in Tellesberg even centuries later, it seems likely that Kayleb and Jennifer were the founders of the House of Ahrmahk.

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