Map of Iythria

Iythria was a coastal city in the Desnairian Empire, and the main base of the Imperial Desnairian Navy. It was on the coast of the Gulf of Jahras. The Kholman River went through the city. (AMF)

Iythria, contained major shipyards and dockyards, and was the Gulf’s largest and most important harbor and the primary naval base in the region for the Desnairian Empire. It had been built up into a major node in the Church of God’s shipbuilding and support system. (HFAF)


Iythria’s approaches were screened by an arc of islands, extending from Sylmahn Island to the west, through Singer Island. During the Iythria Expedition, the city was reinforced with an additional 25,000 men from the Imperial Desnairian Army. (HFAF)

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