Lord Hauwyl Chermyn, Grand Duke of Zebediah, was a Charisian nobleman and an officer of the Imperial Charisian Marine Corps.

Biography Edit

By the Year of God 892, he was the senior general of the Marine Corps. Emperor Cayleb gave him command of the land operations of the Invasion of Corisande. (BSRA, BHD)

After the Invasion of Corisande, he was made Viceroy General of Corisande, the senior secular official within the Charisian occupation forces. (AMF)

In the summer of the Year of God 895, in honor of his long and loyal service to the empire, Empress Sharleyan created him the new Grand Duke of Zebediah, to replace the treacherous Tohmys Symmyns. (HFAF)

Family Edit

Lord Hauwyl was married to Mathyld Chermyn, and they had three sons, the oldest of which, Rhaz, was married and expecting his first child in the summer of the Year of God 895. (HFAF)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • General

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Offer, Charisian invasion land forces, Corisande
  • Viceroy General, Charisian occupation forces

References Edit

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