Lord Sir Domynyk Staynair, 1st Baron of Rock Point, was a Charisian nobleman and an officer of the Royal and Imperial Charisian Navy.

Biography Edit

He was born in Charis and had one brother, Maikel, who later became Archbishop and primate of the Church of Charis.

Initially holding the rank of Commodore, Domynyk Staynair was given command of the experimental galleon squadron created after Merlin Athrawes introduced his naval innovations. He later fought in the Battle of Darcos Sound, and lost his right leg in the fighting. (OAR)

After the battle, he was promoted to Admiral and created Baron of Rock Point. After the Ferayd massacre, he led the Charisian retaliational expedition to the Kingdom of Delferahk and, as his Emperor had ordered him, had downtown Ferayd burned to the ground. (BSRA, BHD)

After Bryahn Lock Island's death in the Battle of the Gulf of Tarot, Rock Point became acting High Admiral of the Imperial Charisian Navy. (HFAF) He soon took over the position permanently. (MTAT)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Commodore ( before YOG 890 )
  • Admiral ( YOG 891 )

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, Experimental Galleon Squadron
  • acting High Admiral
  • High Admiral

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