Lord Bryahn Lock Island, 9th Earl Lock Island, was a Charisian citizen and the High Admiral of the Royal Charisian Navy at the end of the 9th Century of God.

He was a close relative to the House of Ahrmahk. (OAR)

By the Year of God 893, he owned a rottweiler named Keelhaul. (BHD). In 894, he was informed of the true origin of Safehold and the Church of God Awaiting, thus becoming a member of Merlin's inner circle with full access to Owl's databases and recon systems. Later that same year, in November, he commanded the heavily outnumbered Charisian fleet in the Battle of the Markovian Sea against the newly built galleons of the Navy of God. He was killed during the boarding of NGS Crusade. (AMF)

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