Battle of Rock Point

March, YOG 892


Rock Point (Armageddon Reef)


Overwhelming Charisian victory


Royal Charisian Navy

Dohlaran Navy
Tarotisian Navy


Prince Cayleb of Charis
Admiral Staynair

Admiral Malikai
Admiral Thirsk
Admiral White Ford


13 galleons


The Battle of Rock Point was an engagement between the Royal Charisian Navy and the combined forces of the Tarotisian and Dohlaran Navies. It was the opening battle in the long war between the schismatic Kingdom of Charis and the nations loyal to the Church of God Awaiting.

Prelude Edit

Merlin's SNARC follows the Dohlaran Navy and provides the target for the Charisian Navy South of Shan-Wei's Footsteps near Rock Point taking the Dohlaran's completely by surprise. Without Merlin it would have been virtually impossible to target the Dohlaran Fleet at sea. 13 Galleons of Charis are outnumbered 4 to 1 but the 62 Dohlaran Galleys are fouled to the waterline from time in the water and the crews are fatigued from weeks of rowing thousands of miles from home. The Charisian Galleons are outfitted with improved sail plans and sheathed in copper beneath the waterline to stop fouling. These improvements have never been seen prior to this battle.

The Galleys have far more men but the Charisians have far more firepower. As the storms of the previous night ends at dawn the Charisian Galleons in two columns bear down on the ragged and split lines of the Dohlaran Galleys. 

Order of Battle Edit

Royal Charisian Navy Edit

Course of Battle Edit

The Charisian Fleet forms two columns and bears down on the Dohlaran Fleet cutting through the galleys lines and firing round shot from Krakens at a rate of fire never before seen. Heavy round shot through the stern of King Ronald's stern slaughters the rowers packed together in the lower decks. The numbers of the Dohlaran Galleys are inconsequential because they cannot be brought to bear against the more sea-worthy galleons. As one galleon clears the line it is followed by another and another down the line of galleys. Each galleon takes it's turn pouring 38 pound balls into the helpless galleys. The Dohlaran fleet tries valiantly and foolishly to come to the aide of sister ships to no avail. They cannot break through the withering fire from galleon broadsides.

By noon it is clear to the remaining Dohlaran Fleet that a storm is coming and that the galleys that were assaulted in the morning are beyond any help. Admiral Thirsk elects to move into Craig Reach to escape the storms - both the weather and storm of shot from the rapid fire of the Kraken.

Aftermath Edit

Admiral Thirsk tried to escape with his remaining forces, hiding in Crag Reach, south of Rock Point. However, thanks to Merlin Athrawes, the Charisian flotilla easily found them and defeated Thirsk's forces throughoutly in the Battle of Crag Reach (OAR)

References Edit

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