Battle of Crag Reach

Prelude to the Holy War on Charis


February, YOG 892


Crag Reach (Armageddon Reef)


Overwhelming Charisian victory


Royal Charisian Navy

Dohlaran Navy


Prince Cayleb of Charis

Admiral Thirsk


13 galleons

62 galleys
+ supply ships


1 galleon

19 galleys destroyed
14 galleys struck color
8 galleys set ashore


The Battle of Crag Reach was an engagement between the Royal Charisian Navy and the remnants of the Dohlaran Navy who had survived the previous Battle of Rock Point.

Due to the suprise factor, it was an overwhelming victory for the Charisian side, which lost only one galleon to a fire.

Prelude Edit

As night falls on the heels of the Rock Point Battle Victory, Cayleb convinces Merlin that a surprise night attack through the 9 mile 60 ft deep gap north of Opel Island into Craig Reach is the quickest least costly way to destroy the remaining Dohlaran Fleet under the command of Thirsk. Admiral Thirsk sought refuge in Craig Reach against the storms of weather and round shot. Prince Cayleb had just won the most decisive Naval victory in the history of Safehold, but Prince Cayleb is not about to sit on his laurels when he can end the Dohlaran threat completely.

As Cayleb instructs his fleet to form up, light night lights and follow him, Admiral Thirsk believes he is safe for the night inside the reach near Craig Hook so he delays his plan to put springs on the anchors of his fleet until first light.

Order of Battle Edit

Course of Battle Edit

HMS Dreadnaught directed by Merlin who uses OWL to feed imagery of the locations of both fleets in the dark, steers the Charisian Fleet into Craig Reach through the deep water channel north of Opel Island. As the Charisians approach the channel the crew is fed and given 2 hours of hammock time after an exhausting day of battle. This consideration for the well being of the crew is an additional boost as the galleons move through pitch black toward another battle with the remaining Dohlaran galleys at anchor in the reach.

Three sailors watching the anchor on Royal Bedard and the lone watch in the crow's nest are the first to "see" Dreadnaught mere seconds prior to the engagement. Captain Manthyr, Prince Cayleb, and Merlin have clear views of the well lit galleys at anchor in the reach. Dreadnaught's gunners have huge targets for both broadsides. When Dreadnaught fires both boradsides the sleeping calm in the reach is destroyed by the accuracy of the fire from the attacking Galleons. NO WARNING - the crews and captains are asleep and the guns of the enemy are unmanned and unloaded. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. Admiral Thirsk is asleep and dreams of thunder - until the reality reaches his exhausted mind. But there is nothing he can do because this battle was won the moment Cayleb decided to spring the surprise.

Archangel Shuler is next in line for Dreadnaught as the remaining Galleons follow - Destroyer, Danger, Defense, and Dragon, adding their broadsides to the hail of shot and grape that rape the anchored galleys taken completely by surprise. Dreadnaught drops anchor and adds a sprig to allow the ship to pivot on the anchor line in order to bring the broadsides to bear on galley after galley reducing them to bloody rubble. Splinters and grape riddle the crews as fire breaks out on the hapless galleys. Three galleys catch fire and illuminate the hellish night. Royal Bedard explodes as flames reach the magazine.

Admiral Thirsk on Gorath Bay gazes on the final ruin of his command from the deck. He sees his galley crews row their galleys ashore and run or set them afire and row the lifeboats toward the shore. The remaining galleys of Thirsk's command strike their colors and surrender.

Aftermath Edit

After Admiral Thirsk surrendered his remaining forces, Prince Cayleb ordered the Dohlaran crews to be set ashore along with supplies and materials for shelters. Afterwards, all enemy vessels except one unarmed supply ship were burned, and the remaining ship was sent home to Dohlar. (OAR)

References Edit

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